Download the my nrma app to check fuel prices, track your patrol, easily request assistance and access
Member discounts.

Accessing fuel prices via the my nrma app means you can:

  • Compare and search by price, location and distance
  • Customise and save your preferred petrol option with coverage of all fuel types
  • Get unbiased fuel reporting
  • Coverage of all fuel stations in NSW
  • Find fuel quickly if in an unfamiliar location
Download the free my nrma app now and don't forget to check fuel pricing before you fill up each time.

Don't have a smartphone? You can also access fuel prices via the Fuel Check website.

Answers to questions regarding the fuel feature can be found on our FAQ page.

Fuel prices are made possible with the NSW Government's fuel price transparency reform as essential steps to provide fairness for NSW motorists. The NRMA will continue to urge ACT government to adopt the same fuel price transparency practices, so the same benefits can be extended.