Petrol prices

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What makes up the retail price?

Crude oil, petrol and diesel are different products and are bought and sold in their own markets around the world. Each market is typically regionally-based and there are linkages and transactions between regional markets. Australia's regional market for petroleum products is the Asia-Pacific market.

Australian wholesale prices for petrol and diesel are closely linked to the Singapore prices of petrol and diesel. The Singapore price of petrol plus shipping costs and Australian taxes represents almost the entire wholesale price of petrol - around 95 per cent. Australian taxes include excise (38 cents per litre) and GST (10 per cent).

Once fuel leaves the terminal gate, retail prices vary across metropolitan and regional areas, reflecting local area factors and competition. The TGP (The Terminal Gate Price)* is typically around 95 per cent of retail prices.

Why are metropolitan and regional prices different?

Retail prices in many metropolitan areas typically follow a discounting cycle. Customers in Sydney and other large cities will be familiar with these discounting cycles, which  typically occur on a weekly basis.

Service station price boards allow customers to observe price discounting and take advantage of low prices and competition. Petrol prices fall steadily due to service station operators aggressively discounting to attract customers. However, maximum discounts can only be sustained for short periods before prices are restored. This is typified by a lift in prices before the discounting cycle starts again.

Prices are more stable in regional areas because of a general absence of price discounting. This general absence of discounting in regional/country areas means that regional prices appear higher than fully discounted or average city prices. Higher transport costs also contribute to higher fuel prices in regional areas.

Rising fuel prices affect everyone, but there are ways to minimise how much you spend.  Use the tool above to find the cheapest fuel in your area. If you want to cut your fuel bills further, a modern car will be more efficient than an older one (albeit more expensive to buy), especially if you switch to diesel.

Fuel types featured

The fuels included are the most widely available fuels in Australia: Unleaded (ULP), E10 Ethanol blend, Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Diesel. 

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*The Terminal Gate Price is the price at which full tanker loads of fuel are sold to wholesale customers.