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New brand campaign

You were born to move. We're here to keep you moving.

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Our Community

Fads you may have had

Car accessory trends come and go, but these are etched in memory.

Stop sign rules

Does a 'three second' rule exist? We answer your questions.

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Fuel Prices

Check fuel prices
Available for Android and iPhone users.
Fuel price fight
See the NRMA's latest advocacy on fuel prices.
How to save fuel
The NRMA's top 10 tips to save you petrol.
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Australia's Best Cars
The winners for 2016 have been announced.
Sports Cars for 2017
Take a look at what sports machines are arriving this year.
New SUVs for 2017
Almost 40 new models are heading down under.
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Get Involved

Breakdown locations
NSW's top 10 breakdown locations revealed
Member suggestion
Why cyclists should give a metre to parked cars
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