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Fairer mobile speed cameras

NRMA advocates speed limit warning signs & greater distances between signs.

Vale Ross Turnbull

NRMA passes on its condolences to the family and friends of Ross Turnbull.

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5% discount on WISH Gift Cards

Purchase WISH Gift Cards via NRMA Online Shop and save 5%.

Simply Energy

An exclusive energy offer to put NRMA Members in the driver's seat.

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Our Community

10 year licences available

Holders of an unrestricted C and/or R class licence, aged 21 to 44 are eligible for a 10-year renewal.

Sydney's parking crisis

Innovation is key in solving parking problems facing greater Sydney.

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Today's Petrol Prices

Sydney Metro

Cheapest day last week: Tuesday

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Hyundai Sonata
The lack of popularity of mid-sized sedans means...
Honda HR-V
This is a well-equipped, classy and very practical offering.
Lexus RC F
Budget conscious buyers will find this an appealing option.
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The truth about mobile speed cameras revealed
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Have your say now on issues that matter to you.
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