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Parents teaching poorly

Learners are being taught driving habits that professionals must correct.

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Fads you may have had

Car accessory trends come and go, but these are etched in memory.

Stop sign rules

Does a 'three second' rule exist? We answer your questions.

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Fuel Prices

Check fuel prices
Available for Android and iPhone users.
Fuel price update
Watch the NRMA's weekly fuel price update.
How to save fuel
The NRMA's top 10 tips to save you petrol.
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Australia's Best Cars
The finalists for 2016 have been officially announced.
New look Ford Mustang
The 2018 Ford Mustang is the most advanced Mustang ever.
2016 winners and losers
A look back at the best and worst models of 2016.
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Get Involved

Flicked butts and fires
Can a flicked butt actually start a fire?
One speed limit for all
Should all road users follow posted open road speed limits?
Get Involved Get Involved Get Involved Get Involved
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