As Australia's largest Member organisation, NRMA Motoring & Services provides a range of services for our Members and the community, including our legendary roadside assistance, International Drivers Licences, car reviews, a diverse range of motoring, travel and lifestyle benefits, as well as products and services.

What we offer you
A rewarding career based on helping people every day. You'll work with a team who operate with integrity in everything they do. Find out more
Your career path
You'll grow personally and professionally in a supportive workplace. Our range of learning programs means you'll never stop learning. Find out more
Who we are
Learn about NRMA - an iconic organisation. We've been helping people for more than 90 years and the best is still to come. Find out more
Advocacy & Education
NRMA Advocacy
Our Advocacy hub makes Members' voices heard and puts them in the driver's seat. Find out what we're fighting for and how you can make a difference today by suggesting your own campaign idea!
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Education Centre
Our Education Centre is a central point where you can access information about road safety. It also provides information on interests such as infants and children, young drivers and older road users.
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Sustainable Transport
Learn about the importance of alternative fuels, new transport technologies and how to drive more efficiently with our range of education initiatives to help students, the community and motorists alike.
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Our Community
Community programs
NRMA works with a range of community organisations including Alzheimer's Australia, NSW, Leukaemia Foundation, Mission Australia and Buy a Bale which supports farming families. Find out more
Sponsorship & Events
We are excited to be working with a number of organisations across a range of areas such sport, the arts, community events and services all of which create new and exciting ways we engage our Members and the NSW and ACT community. Find out more
We're proud of our heritage as a mutual organisation, and are always keen to develop stronger relationships with local community. We look for local partners who share our values and are making a real difference. Find out more
Corporate information

Here you’ll find all the information you need relating to our proud history, our Board of Directors and their electoral regions, our Annual General Meeting and Members’ Review, as well as our comprehensive list of businesses, products and services.

    Our History
    As we celebrate our 90 year heritage, we continue to deliver outstanding service to Members. Our Patrols and call centre staff responded to over 2.1 million calls for help last year. It's a service that's been rewarded with thousands of relieved smiles
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    Products & Services
    At NRMA Motoring & Services, we offer Members a variety of businesses, products and services to help make the most of their membership. Here is where you can find out about the wider NRMA group including Membership, Motoring, Travel and Entertainment
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    Board of Directors
    The NRMA Group is led by a Board of Directors, which comprises a maximum of nine non-executive Directors. Every fourth year a full Board election is held, which gives Members the opportunity to vote for a Director to represent the nine regions across NSW
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    Members' Review
    This year NRMA proudly celebrates 90 years of our legendary Roadside Assistance and remains focussed on helping our Members at all stages of life. Read how we've been helping people just like you
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    Annual General Meeting
    The 2015 AGM will be held at the Parramatta Town Hall on Friday 6 November 2015 at 10.00AM. More information on the Annual General Meeting can be found on the link below
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    Corporate Responsibility
    Good corporate citizenship is fundamental to protecting, enhancing and transforming our valuable brand and reputation. It is reflected in our governance and our corporate values - community, help, integrity, quality and speaking out
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    NRMA News
    NRMA will keep you up to date on the biggest issues affecting motorists in the news today. NRMA News will tackle a range of topics from road funding, petrol prices, licensing laws and driver education and cover what the NRMA is doing to stand up for you
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    Media Centre
    The NRMA Media Centre houses current and archived media releases, so our Members, the media, and the general public can access them. It's easy to search and comment on releases in the Media Centre. And you can also watch video news releases
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